Who Are Those Guys?

Who Are Those Guys?

Who Are Those Guys?

Who We Are… And Who We Are NOT!

We are not a real estate training company. There are no “Gurus” here, just full-time, experienced, active investors who are in the trenches doing deals and creating real wealth every day. We don’t do traveling road shows or sell courses, and you won’t get 15 emails a day from us trying to sell you stuff you already know. We only work with a limited number of experienced professsionals and investors with ethics and a passion for helping people.

Whether you’re a Realtor®, Attorney, Estate Planner or Investor, Equity Management Service can show you how to protect your business behind a firewall of anonymity, security, credibility and additional long term profit opportunities.

The Long Version:

We started in real estate back in the 1980’s (before some of our group were even born, how sad is that?). Since then we’ve lived through some fun times in this business: A couple of recesssions, a Houseing Bubble that almost destroyed Planet Earth, Dodd Frank, and now in 2023 as this is being written, another real estate apocolypse on the horizon. We’ve trained hundreds, if not thousands, of real estate professionals on our systems, including Realtors®, Attorneys, Estate Planners, Mortgage Brokers and Wealth Managers, to name a few. After the ’08 Housing Crash, we met with Congress to work on bulk purchasing defaulted properties from FHA and FHMA lenders. Through all of that (plus a couple divorces and our favorite teams losing the Superbowl) we’ve managed to do over 5000 deals (at least) with close to $2B in Title Holding Trust Asset Value

Our team members, past and present have diverse backgrounds that include expert hands on knowledge in investment analysis and contract negotiations in real estate purchases, leasing, exchange, and development; Title-Holding Trust structuring and administration; loan origination; private note transactions; appraisal experience, including complex appraisal assignments and expert testimony for legal counsel in private court cases, as well as claims involving government agencies such as the IRS and HUD; commercial real estate brokerage and management of residential development projects; structuring and negotiating 1031 exchanges, commercial sale-leaseback, wrapped contracts, and agricultural property transactions; owning Top-5 real estate brokerages; property management, tenant retention, contract negotiations in real estate purchases, leasing, escrow and title coordination; Title-Holding Trust acquisition structuring, administration and disposition; Beneficiary Management; rehab/construction project management; tax planning and entity structuring; complex deal structuring, including options, subject-to financing strategies and Title-Holding Trusts.

We’re now on a mission to unmask the “New Parallel Real Estate Economy” using our title-holding trust method and not only help as many real estate professionals as we can, but also protect sellers and buyers from predatory investors who give us all a bad name.