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“Let Us Show You How to Use Our Consumer Protection Trust™ to Ethically Help More People, Do More Deals, With Less Risk, More Control and Increased Revenue”

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In the world of creative real estate investing, no two deals are the same, which is why we offer our decades of experience in structuring thousands of transactions to help you execute your deals for maximum security and long term profit potential.

Transaction Coordination

Spend more time doing deals, less time shuffling paperwork with one-stop, turnkey transaction processing including buyer/seller/attorney conferencing; docs prep; escrow closing; 3rd party payment collection and disbursement services.

Portfolio Management

Whether you control one property or a hundred, our Consumer Protection Trust™ and management services can provide peace of mind, protection, versatility, and potential added profit centers you might 
not know exist.

Discover Why Our Consumer Protection Trust Is THE Solution to an Ever-Changing Real Estate Economy.

Grantor Trusts for possessing land and real estate date as far back as Ancient Rome. They were popularized in 15th Century Europe, and have been in used commonly in the US since the late 1800’s, primarily by the wealthy elite, Titans of Industry and in-the-know Real Estate Moguls to acquire, control and transfer real estate assets privately, safely and generally without any involvement, interference or approval from governmental or financial institutions.

Equity Management Service’s proprietary Consumer Protection Trust™ is preferred by experienced investors and real estate professionals due to its myriad financial benefits, tax advantages, anonymity, protection and versatility, regardless the type of creative real estate transactions you may already be doing.

30 Years of Proven, Tested Systems, $1B+ in Transactions.

Built BY Real Estate Investors, FOR Real Estate Investors and Professionals Who Want to Make Smarter, Safer Investing Decisions.


Whether you’re a Realtor®, Attorney, Estate Planner, Investor, Rehabber or Landlord, Equity Management Service can help you maximize your business.

How to Bulletproof Your Real Estate Business

Our Consumer Protection Trustis an elegant transfer method where interest in the trust is conveyed, but NOT the property’s title. Real estate effectively becomes invisible to the public, and
shielded from the
kind of threats that can destroy novice investors.

Our Consumer Protection Trust™ with two or more beneficiaries is designed as a private and silent transfer of real property ownership benefits from one party to another. When used in conjunction with an Assignment of Beneficiary interest and a Triple-Net Occupancy Agreement, home ownership benefits derived by an acquiring party are directly analogous to title ownership, but with effective asset protection in-rem (i.e., legal action against the real estate vs. against the person (“in personam”).

What all of this means in plain English is; Real Estate held in our Consumer Protection Trust™ is converted to personal property, effectively making it hidden from public records, and practically immune from actions involving divisions of property such as marital disputes, law suits, judgements, future tax liens and (most importantly for investors) to the necessity of judicial foreclosure in that the “resident beneficiary” (tenant / buyer) does NOT have equitable interest in real property, but rather, a beneficiary interest in the trust.

Title Holding Trusts Are NOT Just For Asset Protection Anymore

No Other Transfer Device Opens So Many Doors of Opportunity, With This Much Protection*

Protection Trust™ Allows Creative Real Estate Investors To Do All This:

Safely Assume “Non-Assumable” Mortgages without Down Payment or Loan Qualifying, Dodd-Frank Violation or “Due-On-Sale” compromise.

Delay Taxation on Capital Gains

Avoid Double Taxation on Certain Transactions

Protection From Future Litigation, Judgements, Probate, Marital Disputes and IRS Tax Liens

Improve Your Security Position on Any Short or Long Term Lease, Lease-Option, Lease-Purchase, All Inclusive Trust Deed, Equity Share Arrangement and Contract For Deed.

Avoid Dealer Status

Achieve Privacy From Public Notice

Convert Sales to Viable Transfers

Defer Income Tax on Sales

Retain Existing Tax Assessment

As a Bridge Loan Device (e.g., when a buyer can’t finance, or afford a down payment for several more months or years and the seller is willing to wait).

Produce Income from Over-Leveraged Properties.

Create Multiple Streams of (Passive) Income From One Property

Command Higher Rents and Gain Freedom From Landlording, Property Management and Maintenence Costs Forever!

Simple Evictions Instead of Judicial Foreclosure

Faster, Simpler Dispositions


No bank qualifying or typical 20% down payment. Buyer can pay ALL, or share-in most of the closing-costs, including Realtor® commissions.


Eliminates the need for standard renting, leasing or optioning-out, while commanding higher rents.


Forget about negative cash-flow, maintenance, repairs, management headaches and vacancies.


The Consumer Protection Trust™ is treated as a “contingency sale,” serving to defer capital gain for years.

1031 Exhanges

Like-Kind Tax Deferred Exchange privileges remain intact.


The Consumer Protection Trust™ is THE perfect solution to the Short-Sale or Foreclosure, wholly avoiding the lender’s acceptance process, thus averting income tax on debt-relief and major personal credit injury.

Real Estate Agents Do More Deals with Fewer Clients (and DON’T Split Commissions!)


Buyers need not be turned away for marginal or no credit, self-employment, short job experience or past financial failure such as bankrupcy.


Move properties with a phone call to a ready pool of cash-buyers for “non-retail-ready” / off market properties. Low equity, no equity and even negative equity properties can be resolved.


A safer, legal alternative to Wraps, Options, Land Contracts and Equity Shares, with superior benefits, and without Due-on-Sale Clause compromise).


Reduce expired listings and sell “unsellable” houses when you work with qualified investors, educate sellers on the benefits of “selling” on terms through the Consumer Protection Trust™ and eliminate bank qualifying nightmares from your deals.


3 weeks (comfortable); 2 weeks (common); 4-5 days (do-able).


Experienced professionals handle every detail: buyer/seller conferencing (all documentation from the Purchase Offer to final escrow closing); provision of the corporate trustee; payment collection and disbursement service. You make the money and leave the details to our staff of experts.

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